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Champion Power 76533 Generator Review





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Champion Power 76533 Generator

One of best portable dual fuel generator with less fluctuating output voltage feature.

The energy crisis is one of the biggest problems in the developing countries. Several alternatives are used to overcome this problem and portable power generators is one of them. There are different types of portable power generators available in the market which is efficient and affordable. How about the best dual fuel generator which meets exactly the standards and needs of a family?

Champion Power 76533 Portable Generator Review

As per my analysis, one of the best dual fuel generators is from the Champion Power Equipment, 76533 Dual Fuel Powered Generator. It is the best option for a medium family whose average power requirement is around 4000 Watts. This is enough to operate the essential appliances like washing machine, refrigerator and water pumps etc.

Champion 76533 Portable Generator ReviewThe Champion dual fuel generator is affordable, efficient and reliable in its performance and people looking for the best dual fuel generator prefers it over all other portable generators.

The Champion dual fuel portable generator is best for:

  • Houses having medium number of family members
  • Workshops using appliances like water pumps
  • Offices/ Job sites
  • Small Laundry Stores etc.

Low Consumption of Fuel by Dual Fuel Generator

The Champion dual fuel portable generator can be operated with both gasoline fuel and propane gas/LPG. The running time for gasoline fuel is around 8 hours on a full tank (3.5 Gallons) while around 5.5 hours on 5 Gallons of propane gas or LPG cylinder with half applied load. This is the best dual fuel generator because of its durability and low fuel consumption.

Self-starter with Electric Switch in One Click

This unit is powered by 224cc OHV engine and is a self-starter provided with a battery. It can be started electrically from a battery with a single switch/button. The unit can also be started with a hand pull/kick with the recoil provided with it. A switch is also provided for changing the fuel type from gasoline to propane/LPG or vice versa in just a single click to continue the smooth flow of the power output.

Preventing Generator from Overload

One of the best features I liked in the Champion dual fuel portable generator is “IntelliGauge”. IntelliGuage is a low oil sensor which provides the values of voltage, frequency and operating hours on the digital dial. This can only be the quality of a best dual fuel generator which keeps aware of all the information necessary to know. This information helps to manage and monitor the performance and usage of the product avoiding overload etc.

Little Noise Producing Generator

The noise generated by the portable generators has always been a problem but this unit has one of the distinctive features of producing low noise comparatively. The noise produced by this unit is rated not below than 70 decibels which are quite low (almost like the sound of a lawnmower). The ones to be quieter than this are inverters having less than 70 decibels of noise but they are expensive and have lesser power output capacity than the portable generators.

Champion Power Portable Generator

Low Price Generator

The Champion dual fuel portable generator is light weighted and provided with wheels and handle, therefore, can easily be moved around anywhere needed. This unit is the best dual fuel generator comparative to its counterparts because of its price. It provides all the necessary and important features of some good rated portable generators like Generac and others. But the thing which makes it the best choice is half of its price with its counterparts.

  • Unique Design
  • Easily Assembled
  • Durable
  • Low Noise Production
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Less Fluctuating Output Voltage
  • Instructional Booklet for Use
  • Easy Electric Start

  • Damaging due to shipping
  • A bit larger in size
  • The oil drain plug is hard to reach and the unit is to be raised almost 12 in. to get the best suitable position for engine oil drainage
  • Non-supporting remote starting feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some very common questions asked about this product:

Q: Does this unit come with a warranty?

Ans: Yes, two years limited warranty comes with the product and two or three years drop and spill warranty is available with little charges.

Q: What is the alternative if the battery gets dead?

Ans. The manual starting method is available as a backup.

Q: Does it come with the propane hose?

Ans. Yes, the unit comes with propane hose provided by the company.


If you are wondering and researching for so many days to look for the best dual fuel generator available at affordable price with all the important and necessary features available in it. This is your choice and my recommendation that the best dual fuel portable generator is #76533 from the Champion Power Equipment. Low in price, efficient in performance and easy to buy fulfilling all your power needs whether you are at home, office or some workplace. This portable generator is the best option which is easily operated by gasoline or propane gas.

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