Champion Power 100165 Portable Generator Review

Last Updated on August 16, 2022 by Nikki Willms

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Champion 100165 Generator

Efficient in Performance, High Durability

Champion 100165 is the best portable generator with volt guard feature.

The Champion Power Equipment 100165 Dual Fuel Portable Generator, a name of trust and reliability. The champion generator is one of the most high-performing dual fuel generators. The champion generator has a 15 HP powered 439 cc single-cylinder OHV reliable engine. As a dual fuel generator, its starting wattage is 9375 and 8400 for gasoline and propane respectively. The run time for this unit is up to 8 hours on full gasoline tank with 7500 running watts. It runs for up to 5.5 hours with running wattage of 6750 on 20lb propane tank.

Champion Power 100165 Portable Generator Review

The champion dual fuel generator has a touch start feature powered by a push button electric start. Along with an included 12V 15Ah battery, it has an internally integrated battery charger as well. This helps in charging the battery when the generator is on a run.

Recommended Usage

The champion power dual fuel generator gives an average power output of 7000 to 8000 watts. This is enough to operate almost all of the daily household appliances in case of power outages or emergency situations. This unit is capable of operating window AC, refrigerator, microwave oven, television, water pump etc.

The champion dual fuel generator is used at:

  • Houses
  • Offices (Security Systems, computers etc.)
  • Workshops (Different mechanical tools and devices)
  • Super Stores (Freezers, billing machines, electric lifters etc.)

Unique Champion Power Portable Dual Fuel Generator

This product of Champion Power Equipment Company has some very unique and qualitative specialties. The Volt Guard is an in-built voltage protector which protects the appliances from damaging above the safe threshold limit. This generator is also featured with a Cold Start technology which helps to start easily in cold weathers.

Strong Supportive Assembly

The champion power dual fuel generator have a strong assembly. It is made up of a heavy duty steel frame along insulated motor mounts. The isolated motor mounts help in lowering the vibrations as well as noise during operation.

This unit also has a portability kit including never-flat wheels and a handle. The U-Shaped handle and wheels are helpful in the transportation or portability of the generator.

Overload Protection

One of the best features of Champion Power Generators is the Intelligauge. The Intelligauge is a digital meter having highly sensitive sensors. It measures the running time and instant voltage of the generator displaying it on the digital meter. The track record helps in monitoring the performance and usage of the device. It can serve as the early warning indicator in case of overload or any other possible threat.

What Other Experts Liked

  • Most Reliable
  • High Durability
  • Economical
  • Special Features Helping Avoiding Overload and Damaging
  • Efficient in Performance
  • A Single Push Button Electric Start
  • Cold Start Technology
  • Intelligence
  • Volt Guard
  • Integrated Battery Charger
  • LPG Hose

What Other Experts Didn’t Like

  • Noise (74 decibels)
  • No Extension Cord
  • Weight (229 pounds)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some very common questions asked about this product:

Q: Does this unit come with a warranty?

Ans. Yes, the product is available with two years limited warranty.

Q: Does the generator support manual starting method?

Ans. Yes, the generator can be started manually as well.

Q: Is the remote starting feature available for this unit?

Ans. No, the remote starting feature is not supported on this unit.


The most economical as efficient dual fuel generator is this one for completing your need. It has good protection features like Volt Guard and GFCI protected outlets. It is technically sound and reliable for use in houses, outdoors, offices and anywhere else. The high power output is a plus point operating appliances with a safety like AC, microwave etc. This product is highly recommended for those who are looking for the most economical dual fuel generator. It is the only dual fuel generator with all the quality features priced less than $1000.

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