Champion Power Equipment 75537i Portable Generator Review

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Champion 75537i Portable Generator

Auto Fuel Consumption, High Durability

Champion Power 75537i Generator is one of the best portable generator with high customer satisfaction.

Champion Power Equipment 75537i is a portable generator having a wireless control. This portable generator is specifically designed by the Champions for home use. With the starting power of 3100 watts, you can start your 15000 BTU RV air conditioner with it. The best part is that it is an invertible type and is a gasoline engine driven. If you are looking for something that can provide you with the electrical power at emergency situations, then it is the best option. It is lightweight and is a great addition to a camping trip, a weekend of tailgating or as a source of backup power during an emergency. With wireless remote control technology, you can manage your generator from your house room, or garage or office.

Champion Power Equipment 75537i Portable Generator Review

This champion 75537i model is gasoline powered made of a 171cc single cylinder, 4 stroke OHV engine. The starting power is 3100 watts and 2800 watts of maintained rated power. It is provided with a low oil shut-off sensor. The fuel tank has got 1.6 gallons i.e. 6 liters of gasoline capacity. This model includes a Smart Charger to keep the battery charged when not in use.

The power outlets are RV ready with the following three types:

  1. 120V 30A RV
  2. Two 120V household outlets
  3. 12V DC outlets with 8.3A of current

Inverter and Smart Technology

The inverter contains Inverter Technology and has a smart Economy Mode. This Smart Economy mode determines exactly how much power is needed for our requirements, slowing down the engine when applicable and will increase the power when the requirement arises. As the electrical load is scaled down the engine accordingly idles lower allowing for noiseless operation of the generator. This smart technology extends the engine life and higher fuel economy.

Start and Stop Mode

The best part about this champion portable 75537i portable generator is that it has three starts and stop modes:

  1. Wireless Mode: It comes with a wireless remote which works best within the range of 80 ft.
  2. Push button electric mode: The inverter also comes with a battery for easy Touch Start
  3. Pull recoil start

What Other Experts Liked

  • Wireless Remote Start – Start and stop up to 80 ft. away.
  • This unit is best for and works great for RVs.
  • The generator will automatically shut off when the oil level is below a predefined level.
  • It has up to 8 hours run time on a full tank of gas.
  • The generator is Quiet and operates at a 58 dBA at a distance of 23 ft.
  • It is light weighted and portable.
  • It is Parallel Ready means can easily be connected to another inverter to increased power.
  • Provides clean electricity for powering sensitive electronics.
  • Comes with a built-in carrying handle.
  • It has got automatic overload protection and will shut off when the load exceeds its limit.
  • It has folding handles with a wheel kit for relaxed carrying and storage.

What Other Experts Didn’t Like

  • It is a single phase generator.
  • It has no 240V outlet. It means that if you are looking for a 240V output, this generator is not the one.
  • A little bit heavy than a similar type of generators.
  • You cannot connect 50 Hz. load to the generator.
  • You cannot connect 3 phase loads.

Devices You Can Operate

The inverter yields Clean Power (<3% THD) making it proper for use with sensitive electronics. This generator produces sufficient power with which you can start and operate even a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner. Other appliances operated are lights, water pumps, refrigerator, modem/router, furnace blower, fans, TV and computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there any warranty with champion 75537i portable inverter generator?

Ans: Yes, it comes with two years of limited warranty.

Q: What is remote control power consumption?

Ans: While the oxidization Switch is in the “ON” position, the RCM is energetic and waiting for the remote signal. This function requires electrical current from the battery. If the Ignition Switch remains in the “ON” position for prolonged periods (a number of weeks), the battery can be fully drained.


Champion Power Equipment is a market groundbreaker in power generation apparatus. Champion has years of involvement providing dependable and resilient power apparatus designed and supervised in the US for the Americans and world markets. Champion goods are the standard of performance excellence – for work, for play, for home.

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