Powerland PD3G10000E Tri-Fuel Portable Generator

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Powerland PD3G10000E Portable Generator

Autometic electric start & low noise performance

Powerland PD3G10000E is one of best portable generator with outstanding feature.

Powerland PD3G10000E is a tri-fuel generator. It has a starting power of 10000 watts and running rated power of 8000 watts. This state of the art generator is designed for heavy loads like cutting machines, air conditioners, refrigerators and heaters etc. With 16 hp. of an engine, it is perfect for the home, providing enough power output to run several machines and devices including central heating and cooling systems.

Contractors who want the power source on the working sites like construction sites will discover this device very much useful and its design for heavy duty operations is sure to stand up to years of use.

Powerland PD3G10000E Tri-Fuel Portable Generator Review

Powerland PD3G10000E is a 16 hp. electric start generator. The generator is tri-fuel powered means the unit can run on propane, natural gas and gasoline. This generator has tough 16 hp. air cooled OHV engine.  The generator is equipped with low oil shutoff technology. It has electric start. Powerland PD3G10000E generator has Heavyweight duty steel mounting. The generators come with four point fully isolated motor mounts for even and low noise operation.

The generator is equipped with electric start and recoil start. It has an AC circuit breaker which will switch OFF if there is any short circuit or significant load greater than 8000 watts.

The generator comes with AC circuit protector which will automatically switch off if there is significant overload at:

  1. 30A 120V locking plug.
  2. 20A 120V,
  3. 120/240V locking plug receptacle

Powerland PD3G10000E Power Panel

The generator has a full power panel which includes:

  1. Oil warning.
  2. Light.
  3. Key start switch.
  4. Volt meter.
  5. Circuit breaker.
  6. Power outlets.

This Powerland PD3G10000E comes with a complete Wheel kit with front handle for easy movement from one place to another.

TRI – Fuel Operated Device

The Powerland PD3G10000E is a Tri-fuel functioned device. The device can be operated with either gasoline, LPG (propane), NG (natural gas). The generator uses clean, fresh, regular LPG with LPG gas pressure area ranging between 10 to 15 PSI. The unit uses gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher. The generator comes with the technology of low-pressure NG regulator. This technology enables the generators to run on low natural gas pressure. It is very much easy to switch between gasoline, natural gas and propane fuel giving you the option and choice of fuel with which you want to operate.

Power Outlets

The generator comes with the five types of power outlets which give you a variety of choice for selecting the power outlet you need:

  1. One 120V 30A outlet.
  2. One 120V 20A outlet.
  3. Two 120/240V with 30A rated outlet.
  4. Two 120/240V with 50A rated outlet.
  5. One 12V DC outlet.

Devices You Can Operate

The PowerLand PD3G10000E is a heavy duty design generator with which you can operate the following devices in a single time which includes all your Lightings, Computers, Large Microwave Oven, Televisions, Forced Air Heating System, Toasters, Air Conditioners, Electric Heaters, 2 Large Refrigerators and Hairdryers etc.

What Other Experts Liked

  • It has super reliable solid rubber tires.
  • The generator is equipped with Low oil shut-off technology which protects the engine.
  • Super quiet muffler is attached to reduce engine noise.
  • Idle control technology holds engine rpm at a constant level even under very heavy loads for fuel savings
  • Ideal control technology reduces noise.
  • Powerland PD3G10000E is EPA & CARB approved
  • The generator is equipped with Spark Arrestor.
  • The low-pressure regulator is also installed on the unit.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Natural Gas hose connectors are installed for connecting to standard LPG hose and NG hose.
  • The generator can run for long hours up to 20 to 30 hours.
  • This generator has 120V and 240V power outlets.
  • The generator comes with the Gas denser device

What Other Experts Didn’t Like

  • Powerland PD3G10000E has a very high cost of up to $1130.
  • This unit is a heavy one and is not possible for the one to carry by itself.
  • You cannot run it indoors as the generator produces enough noise.
  • There are some reports of spark plug problem but not that persistent.
  • The generator operational noise volume is 72 dB at a distance of approximately 22 ft.
  • It is a single phase generator.
  • The DC outlet may possibly be used for charging 12V automotive kind batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How best the generator performs at high altitudes?

Ans: If you modify the carburetor, the engine horsepower will increase about 3.5% with the increase of about 1000-foot altitude.

Q: Does the generator come with any warranty?

Ans: Yes, the Powerland PD3F10000E generator comes with 1 year of warranty.


Powerland PD3G10000E is a powerful heavy duty generator which is specifically designed to operate heavy loads. So if you need an energy source for your heavy loads and for long time operations this one is specifically for this. The generator will give you uninterruptible energy with the five different kinds of outlets to fulfill your requirements.

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